New Xbox Experience (NXE) update…

Today, the long awaited New Xbox Experience (NXE) update was released.  I only noticed when I got home this evening and was attempting to put a game on for my Indiana Jones obsesssed nearly 6-year old!

I was expecting a usual Xbox update after reading the standard prompt about being signed out of Live if not taking the update, but then noticed a new progress bar… the Experience upgrade (about 2 minutes).

WOW!  just a bit! 😉

A totally new UI and effects deck, much nicer integration with Media Center (am running Vista Media Center), overall awesome work Microsoft Xbox team, okay, taken a few ideas and developed them further, but they definately have taken them further! 🙂

The official site is at and states…

In order to connect to Xbox LIVE and enjoy everything the new Xbox Experience has to offer, you will need an Xbox 360 Hard Drive. While you can connect to Xbox LIVE using an Xbox 360 Memory Unit with 128MB of available space, you will not be able to enjoy all the great features like Xbox LIVE Primetime and video downloads.



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