A tale of 4 beta’s – Vale refresh, Hyper-V Server R2 SP1 v178 beta, Fabulatech USB over network beta, MS ISCSI Target 3.3 beta

A tale of 4 beta’s – am I mad!?!?  well maybe, but here goes..

But first to cut to the chase..  As I mentioned to a colleague only today – the Vail refresh ROCKS!!, it needs Silverlight 4 for the integrated media controls to make video, music, photos, etc. super sexy and prompts to install if you haven’t got it – Silverlight’s awesome also! 🙂


Microsoft Windows Home Sever codenamed Vail – TP refresh install


So it is R2 after all (I always thought it would be but quite a lot of folks who should know better referred to it as Windows Server 2008 – fundamentally different than Windows Server 2008 R2!)


Screen clipping taken: 23/08/2010, 19:38


Screen clipping taken: 23/08/2010, 21:47


Screen clipping taken: 23/08/2010, 21:57


Screen clipping taken: 23/08/2010, 21:58


Screen clipping taken: 24/08/2010, 06:34

A lovely Vail splash screen, configure a few tasks:

Shutdown with 28 updates later..


Screen clipping taken: 25/08/2010, 10:23


Screen clipping taken: 25/08/2010, 10:25


Screen clipping taken: 26/08/2010, 15:49


Screen clipping taken: 26/08/2010, 16:03


Screen clipping taken: 26/08/2010, 16:05


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