About the rambler

tfc_reuben-cook-300x400.jpgI’ll put something here so you know where I’m coming from, and maybe where I’m going too? 😉

in the meantime (and if you’re really interested or bored) you can find more at http://www.linkedin.com/in/reubenc

An IT experience covering early Micros including CPM/86, owning an acoustic coupler for the old style BT rotary dialler phones, Token Ring (with Cows & Lambs ;-), X.25 PSS WAN’s with IBM S/36’s and AS/400’s, early NetWare and LAN Manager through to Gigabit WAN links in Internet Data Centres, and now Gigabit in the home!  and running virtually every Windows operating system through to Windows 7 (early beta).

etc, etc.


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  1. Hi Reuben,

    Do you by chance use VPN software on your T61? I’ve heard that Cisco absolutely doesn’t support 64-bit Windows OS’es! How ridiculous that is…


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