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Heavy snow in London, bad for travel but great for snowmen… and SEO rankings?!?!

Heavy snow causes travel chaos in London and most of the South East today but it was a great day for snowmen!

It’s been a couple of years since we had snow in London, but at the time of the last wee flurry in January 2007 I took a snap from our bedroom window and emailed it to the BBC Winterwatch weather site.  The photo was posted under the’s main site and as a side benefit resulted in number one spot on Google for the search ‘reuben cook’ for quite some months (how SEO works… the IT consulting business I founded, The Full Circle ( later spent thousands trying to achieve similar results :S )

Anyway, this isn’t a technology post other than the slight SEO reference that may raise a wry smile from those who know our SEO shenanigans, it’s about the weather!

From our bedroom window this morning! Reuben Cook

From our bedroom window this morning! Reuben Cook (24-Jan-2007)

This morning after deciding against driving half way down the M3 to Basingstoke and to ‘let the VPN take the strain’ I then had time to replicate the shot from a couple of years ago…

From our bedroom window this morning! Reuben Cook (02-Feb-2009)

…definately a drop more more this time!  (we measured 6″/15cm on the flat, and lots more in drifts).


The news from the BBC... stay at home!


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Show Me The Golf TV at ‘the Serge’

Met up with Tim Southwell & John Dean (of fame, plus other minor titles such as Golf Punk, oh and some lads mag… Loaded! ;-)) to discuss amongst many things our PR piece for the launch of Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (EBS 2008 – tomorrow.

John and Tim are seasoned publishers and marketeers, and have been helping The Full Circle ( with our PR & communications activities since our launch in 2003.  This usually involves a few pints, a good old chinwag, and various guidance on technology matters – the latest being blogging from the iPhone… a marvelous device!, see for more yadda.

Tim Southwell with his mate 'pint'

We met in a rather splendid little pub called ‘The Dolphin’ near Haywards Heath, it was formerly ‘The Serge’ to those who drank in there 20+ years ago (that’ll be John & Tim then!)
see for more guff about this not bad boozer.

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Blogging from a mobile device… (iPhone)

Well I’ve succumbed to the new Apple iPhone 3G and whilst it’s a fantastic device for consuming content, it’s virtual keyboard doesn’t make it the best for publishing… This said I’m comparing it to my Windows Mobile device (an Orange SPV M3100 / HTC Hermes) which has a great physical keyboard.

I’ve had the iPhone almost a week and have ported my number over from Orange (of 14 years!!) to O2 who are the only UK operator to have the device – I spoke with Orange before obtaining my PUK code and it was clear there are no plans for them to be offering this device, a shame and I’m sure many O2 will be getting a lot of new customers as a result!

Anyway, blogging from the iPhone. Today I found the wordpress blogging app (free :-)), and installed, which like almost everything on the iPhone was painless, quick, and without problems… Thus far and fingers crossed!

The wordpress app is the one for me as I already had a wordpress blog that I started earlier in the year after much resistance. As CTO of technology consulting firm ‘The Full Circle’ ( I’d been slow to give in and acknowledge the power of the blahhhg 😉

I’m writing this entry now and whilst the keyboard is a pain I’m getting quicker and more efficient (less errors) with every line – it can only get better!

I’m about to add a picture using the perfectly adequate built in camera (but wot no video!?!?!). The picture is of our pool, well not our pool but it is for a short time (holidaying in Portugal for a couple of weeks – bliss!) and will check out the results later – hopefully good and no flames in the meantime!

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Hello world! – have started a(nother) BlogBall rolling…

So Blog Blog Blog! & WordPress is the best one eh? also, I understand there maybe debate on whether a blog should be on our own domain e.g. or hosted and therefore linked from outside….? what’s best? who knows?!?! I don’t! (yet), but I’m keen to find out and add to the debate..

Best regards all, Reuben

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