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A week with Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD7… (more a rant than review ;-)


This is more a rant than a review, or comparison.  I don’t cover functionality and features, such as lack of copy and paste, nor the expensive apps (compared to other platforms), the tile UI being great but also desirable to have the choice to disable, or various other aspects of the platform and hardware… if you want this then a quick search will reveal other posts that address.
If you want to hear my story and why I’m going to be waiting until the New Year to re-try Windows Phone 7 (WP7) then read on…


Having been on Windows Mobile since early HP units such as the HP5450, and then Windows Mobile phones (various, but last an HTC/Orange M3100 – still have it for Tom Tom Smile) I eventually defected to Apple when the iPhone 3G came out and Apple finally cracked the Exchange ActiveSync integration.

Now whilst I love Apple hardware (bar no Micro SD/additional storage, proprietary interface, non-user serviceable battery, etc. etc.) and the usability of the UI is second to none, I REALLY don’t dig the whole Apple ecosystem.  I also despise iTunes on Windows as much as any good and decent PC user should do, indeed it’s such filth that when I do have the displeasure of using it I do on dedicated and old PC (still says Compaq on the front!) that is sandboxed.
(great post at btw)

So when the chance came up to ditch the rotten Apple and return to the warmth of the Microsoft Mother ship with the just launched Windows Phone 7 I jumped at the chance!  A swift an easy call to O2 excellent customer service across mobile, broadband and fixed line) I took delivery next day (16th November) of a shiny new HTC HD7 from O2 (SIM free, as in no contract) for a cracking £330 inc VAT. I noted the 14-day change your mind no quibble return…


Unfortunately after just a week I’d made up my mind, the HD7 had to go and Windows Phone 7 needs a few more months (maybe the first big update) and I exercised that return offer today Sad smile


So.. in current form does Windows Phone 7…

Beat the iPhone 4 – NO WAY!  will it beat the iPhone? probably not.
Does it beat Android?  maybe / depends what you want..  Will it take market share from Android? Definitely! (even if its just me Winking smile)
Is it good for the market? Yes!
Will it get better?  it needs to, and of course will, it has the Mother ship behind it!

thoughts on HD7..

Wot no AMOLED screen!
Wot no battery life!
Crappy camera to say its 5MP
Too big for the screen resolution, and whilst I’m at it the screen had wishy washy colours with poor viewing angle (considering it has a stand to make it a viewing device – two kids in the car sharing it would end in tears or a crash)
Talking of crashing… I managed to crash my WP7 device 3 or 4 times in just over a week, which is about on par with my iPhone 3G…  this year.


So, after all the above I’ll be waiting until the new year to try again and with a different device! and I’m still desperate to get off the rotten Apple (even though just bought a iPod Touch for my today 8yr old – Happy Birthday Harry! – what have I done!?!  akin to giving him a crack pipe!.. Confused smile).

btw, the Zune software ROCKS!!! it is WAY WAY better than iTunes, on that Microsoft has done great, hopefully WP7 will be rocking soon…


Scream it baby


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Blogging from a mobile device… (iPhone)

Well I’ve succumbed to the new Apple iPhone 3G and whilst it’s a fantastic device for consuming content, it’s virtual keyboard doesn’t make it the best for publishing… This said I’m comparing it to my Windows Mobile device (an Orange SPV M3100 / HTC Hermes) which has a great physical keyboard.

I’ve had the iPhone almost a week and have ported my number over from Orange (of 14 years!!) to O2 who are the only UK operator to have the device – I spoke with Orange before obtaining my PUK code and it was clear there are no plans for them to be offering this device, a shame and I’m sure many O2 will be getting a lot of new customers as a result!

Anyway, blogging from the iPhone. Today I found the wordpress blogging app (free :-)), and installed, which like almost everything on the iPhone was painless, quick, and without problems… Thus far and fingers crossed!

The wordpress app is the one for me as I already had a wordpress blog that I started earlier in the year after much resistance. As CTO of technology consulting firm ‘The Full Circle’ ( I’d been slow to give in and acknowledge the power of the blahhhg 😉

I’m writing this entry now and whilst the keyboard is a pain I’m getting quicker and more efficient (less errors) with every line – it can only get better!

I’m about to add a picture using the perfectly adequate built in camera (but wot no video!?!?!). The picture is of our pool, well not our pool but it is for a short time (holidaying in Portugal for a couple of weeks – bliss!) and will check out the results later – hopefully good and no flames in the meantime!

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